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Tremonton, Utah


Chrystal's Music Studio is located in Tremonton, Utah in Archibald Estates subdivision. My  Studio opened in 2005. The Studio has three digital Clavinova pianos that are equipped with iPads, one acoustic piano, four benches for group singing classes and an ever-growing Music Library. 

Chrystal's Music Studio offers group piano lessons for ages 5 and up, group singing classes for
ages 5 -13 and private voice lessons for ages 12 and up.  Piano and voice students are given opportunities to perform at our Winter and Spring recitals, and be involded in classes that are offered each summer. 

What makes me different from other piano teachers? 

" I am the "High Tech" piano teacher that gives more than double the learning time to students each week.  I am a teacher that has brought a social element back into private music lessons."

What can I do for the student?

1.  I can provide more time in the studio.

2.  The student can review, play duets & learn under the supervision of a teacher.

3.  Students look forward to their piano lessons more. 

4.  They Love using iPads & other "Off Bench" activites. Parents Love the longer lesson time.  It gives them time to run an errand or have a break!

How do My Students Feel?

1. It's obvious.  My Studio is different.  The student's experience will  be more exciting than a "traditional" piano lesson.  


 Being a part of a music program and learning an instrument such as piano or the voice (yes, the voice is an instrument!) provides many benefits that help shape a child. 

  BUILDS BRAIN POWER - Music increases IQ and teaches self-discipline.  Musical children are able to focus more easily and perform better in school, especially mathematics.

 ENHANCES MOOD - Music increases happiness and creativity.  Those that are part of a music program are often more social too!

LEARNING MUSIC IS SIMPLE - Even very young children can start playing the piano and vocalizing from the first lesson.  you can make beautiful music without needing anyone else to accompany you.

 BECOME A STAR - Music students gain confidence from performing in front of audiences.  Although children may star out performing on a small stage,, the sky is the limit for those who want to become career musicians!

  IT'S FUN -  Being a part of  a music program and learning music that you love will give you countless hours of enjoyment.  Music is a great wayt to connect with friends and family. 

Chrystal's Music Studio offers a variety of classes, from children's singing groups,  group piano and  private vocal instruction.  My studio provides "unique"  classes that set me apart from other music studios.  I provide an opportuity for children to play in rotating stations on professional digital Clavinova pianos that are equipped with Apple iPads & a set of headphones.  The iPads are downloaded with amazing Music Apps that can hear the piano, assist in learning notes, rhythms, sight reading & theory skills.  This added tool is fun and enticing to children of this generation.  The "digital world" is a world they understand and can relate with.  The increase in learning and the excitement of playing the piano with the help of the "digital world" is phenomenal.  Practicing becomes FUN!


As you familariaze yourself with my classes and learn more about Chrystal's Music Studio, I look forward to answering your questions and welcoming your family into my music studio.