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Class Descriptions
"High Tech"
Group Piano Lessons

Lesson Length:

60 minutes once a week. There will be four 15 minute music stations.  4 students per class.

Class Procedure:

Three stations will consist of three electronic Clavinova pianos, and my acoustic piano. 

The three Clavinovas will be equipped with an iPad and headphones.  

In each of the three stations the student will use "amazing" iPad apps that hear the piano.

They will rotate every 20 minutes..
At each rotation they will work one of the following: rhythm, note reading, sight reading, technique or theory.
The fourth 20 minute station on the acoutsic piano will be with me!  

We will work on pieces in our repertoire, (Piano Pronto) which provides FUN teacher/student duets with every song with every stage of learning.  These books will conveniently go right along with the skills that are being learned at the iPad stations. At this one on one station I will  give assignments of things to be worked on at home & ready to pass off to me the following week. 

 Why is this class so great?
Piano is taught in a way that is attractive to children (even adults) of this "generation." 

This class will offer a sensational opportunity for students to get more than double the learning time of a "traditional" lesson and four times more skills drilled and worked on each week.
Music becomes more fun and more desirable to more students.
You will see an increase in learning and understanding through the presentation of skills taught during these piano classes.

Students will learn faster! 

This class will also help increase the students desire to practice throughout the week.  The skills learned on the piano will stay with you forever!

Who can take these classes?

 I recommend these classes for all levels of learning. Even Adults!  
Ages 5-99

I will try to group classes with students that are close to the same skill level.


There will be two recitals per school year.

A WInter Recital - December
A spring Fling Recital - May

Summer classes will perform one informal "in Studio" recital during class time, They will perform for their class. 

Materials Needed:

Must have access to a fully functional and well-tuned piano or full-sized weighted keyboard or digital piano for daily practice. 

Students should bring their music method books and repertoire to each lesson.

Additional materials (piano book bag, metronomes, music, flash cards) may also be recommended.
Piano Books as assigned at or before first lesson (Piano Pronto) $9-$18

Recital Pieces - $5 each

Any other music I see fit of you'd like to purchase - $3 - $6

At home iPad - This IS NOT a requirement to take this class. However, if you have access to an iPad it gives you another tool that will be helpful in at home practice.

Again this IS NOT a requirement to take this class.

Recommended iPad Apps (If you have access to one) - Free-$4.00

Notebook to record lessons and instruction - $3

Practice Expectations: 

A student’s progress is determined by dedicated practice, not by simply attending lessons. Ideally, students should practice at least 4-5 days a week. Specific amounts of practice time are not assigned to each student. Instead, students should practice long enough to complete their weekly assignments.


$80 per month=$20 per lesson
for 60 minutes classes

Get a head start !

 Summer classes offering 80 minute classes for 10 weeks! 

You are getting 20 minutes of "FREE" instruction time per week in the Summer classes. 
*check my "Summer Schedule" under "Class Schedule" for details. 

Private Vocal Instruction
Lesson Length:

30 minutes once a week. 

Class Procedure:

A fun intimate level of learning to use and develop the voice.

 Emphasis on learning to sing in head voice, breathing techniques, pronunciation & diction, dynamics, stage presence & performing skills.
Vocal exercises and warm ups are worked on for the first 10 minutes of every lesson.  

Music is selected based on age & vocal range.  

The next 20 minutes is spent skillfully learning and preparing songs to be able to perform. 

Why is this class so great?

I am not the "traditional" voice coach. I am more!  

I am not stuck on teaching only one type of music.

I am open to most  all genres of music.

I will help you prepare for school choir tryouts, church functions and any other tryout or activity you may choose to participate in.  I strongly encourage performing every chance you can get!

The possibilites of what we can sing are endless!!!

Who can take these classes?

Anyone, Ages 12-99


There will be twp recitals per school year.  

A Winter Recital - December
A Spring Fling Recital - May

Summer classes for private voice instruction are not offered at this time. 

Materials Needed:
Students must have access to a piano or small keyboard for practice purposes.

students should bring a 3-ring binder (to put sheet music in to keep it organized and well kept)

current music repertoire,
and a bottle of water to each lesson.

 Recording devices, such as iDevices, smart phones, small audio recorders, or USB flash drives are strongly recommended.

Assigned Voice Repertoire -$5-$30
Recital Pieces - $5 Each

Any other music I see fit or you'd like to purchase - $3 - $6

Practice Expectations:
Voice students are likewise expected to practice enough to reach their lesson goals each week. Practice should focus on both vocalises and repertoire; voice students must memorize their repertoire.


$50 per month =$12.50 per lesson


*** If It fits my schedule, I will do my best to help with
"special Events"

Ask Me if You Need....

* A piano accompanist
* Extra Help with a song on the piano or to sing for school, church or any other event.  

"I encourage all my students to participate in every performing opportunity that they can. It builds skill and confidence grows each time." 

Children's Group Singing
Lesson Length:

45 minutes once a week.
12 students per class

Class Procedure:
A positive, fun, relaxed atmosphere that focuses on teaching groups of children the correct dynamics of the voice such as breathing techniques and head voice qualities.

Emphasis on diction, hearing pitches, feeling rhythms, singing harmonies, leadership opportunities, performing skills and learning an appreciation for all kinds of music.  

We sing a fun variety of different types of music from current music that the kids can relate with to classical, cannons, rounds & folk music.

"We have so much fun, that kids are suprised when class time is over and they wish it was longer!?

Why is this class so great?

This class is much more than just learning to sing songs.

There is opportunity to develop leadership skills. 

Older students & Younger students get to participate in the planning of music for recitals.

Older students are taught basic music directing skills.  They receive opportunity to direct music with the Younger class.  

Older students
 help with the organization of the younger classes by getting them on and off stage during recitals.

The Younger students "look up" to these Older students and love to have their help. 

 Solo, duet and trio options are readily available and wanted for EVERY child that would like to participate.

NO child that has the desire, to be part of a solo, duet or trio group is shunned or turned away because of pitch inaccuracies or anything else. 

"Confidence is built and Confidence is Key in being successful in many aspects of life."  

My ultimate goal is to provide a place of learning that children get excited about and get to be a part of every week.  

Who can take these classes?
Kids ages 5-14 that love music and love to sing. 

There will be two recitals per school year.

A Winter Recital  - December
A Spring Fling Recital  - May

Summer classes for group singing are not offered at this time. 

Materials Needed:

Each child needs to bring a colored folder to keep their music in. 

Your cute little self -  Bonus for Me

Possible sheet music - $5-$10 per recital session. 

Accompaniment CD or flash drive for at home practice - $5

Practice Expectations:

Group Voice students must memorize their music. 

$30 per month = $7.50 per lesson