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and Procedures
Chrystal's Music Studio strives to provide quality music lessons by integrating a variety of teaching methods, activities, and technology. Students can receive private as well as group lessons and will be given multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. The following policies explain how Chrystal's Music Studio runs and what is expected of students. As your childs music teacher, I must ask that students take their music study seriously (while having fun, of course!) My teaching philosophy centers on creating dedicated music students, and the studio policies reflect that concept.

Studio Materials

Most important: All students are required to have an acoustic piano at home to practice on.  You will also be required purchase designated class materials that will be used on a weekly basis or as an at home practicing tool.  Such items are specific to each class.  Items may include repertoire, a notebook for each child for recording assigned lessons, recital pieces, sheet music (as needed), recommended iPad Apps (if you have access to one) & accompaniment music for singers. Most of these items are able to be passed down to other family members, therefore reducing the cost of having to buy more copies for a sibling that may play with or after another. Some materials are required for parents to buy on their own. In this case I will direct you where to buy and get the best deal for such materials.   Occasionally there may be other things (such as chosen recital pieces)  that I may have in the studio that you can buy directly from me.  All materials are used on a weekly basis and at home. See Class Description page for designated class materials and pricing. 

The use of designated materials at home will GREATLY impact the success of your child.  This helps to make your childs experience more exciting and more successful. Students that only look at the material during their once a week class time, will generally move along at a slower pace than those that also use the materials at home throughout the week. I encourage parents to encourage their children to use their materials and practice their assignments at home to help reinforce the benefits that this brings.  

Studio semester& number of lessons

The Fall/Spring Semesters are based on a 9 month calendar (Sept. – May). Fall Semester has 16 lessons and Spring Semester has 20 lessons. The monthly tuition each month for 9 months balances out to be the same amount as the number of lessons received. Most studio breaks coincide with the school systems in this area. 

The Summer Semester lessons are offered in flexible packages to allow for vacations and time off. Summer Schedule is announced mid-spring. 

Students who take lessons in the summer are guaranteed a spot during the Fall Semester. Students who take the summer off will be placed on a waiting list for Fall.

Please Note: There are no reimbursements for missed lessons and tuition is never adjusted unless the teacher cannot provide the promised number of lessons. See “Missed Lessons” for more details.

US 122.00

US 122.00

Registration Fees

Registration Fees are NON_REFUNDABLE and are DUE UPON REGISTRATION.  This reserves your child's spot for classes at Chrystal's Music Studio.  Class sizes are limited and demand for lessons are great. Returning students will only receive first priority for placement in classes if their registration form and fee have been received.  Those that register by phone or at the first class will only be accomadated if time slots are available.  Each spot is reserved on a "First Come, First Serve" basis.  

The registration fees are $20 per child or $30 per family. 


US 122.00

If you have more than one child enrolled in the same class a $5 off is given on the second childs tuition.  If you have a child in a Private Lesson,they pay full price as well as the other child that is enrolled in a Group singing or Piano Class.  Discounts do not apply to Private Lessons. Those trading for tuition are excluded from all discounts.

There is a $10 referral gift that I will pay out for each NEW FAMILY (not per student) that is referred to my studio for classes.  

Anyone that chooses to pay upfront for the 9 month session  will receive a $50 gift card. 

Anyone who chooses to payup upfront quarterly (every three months) will recieve a $15 gift card per quarter paid. 

US 122.00


Chrystal's Music Studio accepts Checks, Cash, and Credit/Debit (Square). There is a $3.00 convenience fee charged on all credit/debit card payments. 

"Where Does My Tuition Go?"

Tuition reserves your weekly time slot.
 It also covers the cost of:

Lesson planning and repertoire selection
Piano tuning and maintenance
Recital venues and programs
Incentive programs and game materials
Recording of accompaniment arrangements
Tuition does not include the cost of music. 

$15 Late Fee for all payments received past the 10th 
of the month

Forgot your payment? Miss the first lesson? Pay online or drop-off/mail payment to avoid the late fee.
Should something come up where you cannot financially fulfill your commitment to your lessons, advanced notice and open, ongoing communication is appreciated and encouraged.

Tuition is DUE by the 10th of the month.   If payment becomes 60 days (2 months) delinquent, lessons with be suspended until your account is current.  If your account is suspended you have one week to pay your account current.  If you fail to pay your account current within that one week, I reserve the right to discontinue your class and fill it with another student. 

You are responsible for payment of all bank fees on returned checks.  Checks are payable to Chrystal Butler or Chrystal's Music Studio.  

If needed, a more individualized payment plan can be arranged through me, but must be arranged prior to due dates to avoid late fees.

Refunds are only given for teacher-cancelled classes that are NOT made up and NEVER for student cancellations and/or absences.


​be on time: All classes will begin and end on time.  It is VERY important that your child is present during the first few minutes of a class. Instructions are given and warm ups have begun.  Please do not drop off your child more than 5 minutes before class and be on time picking him/her up.  I will either have another class coming right after or I may have other obligations that I need to attend to on time.

missed lesssons: Lesson times are standing appointments; a student’s lesson time is reserved for only them each week, and it is their responsibility to attend. Dance classes and sports teams do not offer reimbursements if you cannot attend a rehearsal or game – music lessons are no different. Because specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. I will then use that time or other times to plan for the student’s progress, locate materials, etc. Please be assured that tuition pays for far more than the time spent during lessons (see “Where Does My Tuition Go?”)

Students who are ill SHOULD NOT attend lessons. If you are too sick to attend school, you are too sick to attend your lesson. Please notify the teacher by 12pm if you cannot attend. Students who are mildly ill can schedule a FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangout lesson during their regular time.
Students are allowed to reschedule ONE lesson per semester (every 3 months) in the event of illness, family emergency or school events. Please provide 48 hour notice if possible. Reschedules are not for students who miss lessons due to play dates, games, non-emergency appointments or family vacations.
Reschedules may occur in the form of group lessons if individual times are not available.

“No-Show” Lessons are Forfeit: Repeat “no shows” will result in removal from the schedule without tuition reimbursement. (3 Strike Rule!) 3 NO SHOWS = I reserve the right to fill your spot WITHOUT NOTICE! 

Exceptions to the Rules: The more notice given, the more flexibility YOU have to reschedule. Look at your schedule in advance! Life can be crazy sometimes – talk to me – open communication is key!

Other Lesson Options for Students: 
Contact Me to See if you can switch with another student. 

US 122.00

Lesson Procedures

Please arrive at least a few minutes prior to your lesson.

Students are expected to bring all materials (assignment folders, music books, and otherwise) to every lesson.

♫ We Love Technology! ♫: Lessons will incorporate the use of music apps or other theory websites. Students are encouraged to use these outside of lessons as well.

Keep it Clean! ALL students are REQUIRED to wash their hands before each lesson. Students must also remove wet/muddy shoes before entering the studio. (Bring an extra pair of clean shoes or socks!)

Food, gum, and non-water drinks are prohibited in the studio. 

** Siblings who take lessons back-to-back or need to come with a sibling after school, are welcome to wait in the studio and silently read, draw, play on tablets, or work on homework during each other’s lessons. 

Please bring enough materials to stay occupied.

Street Safety:  When dropping off or picking up your child, please be aware of others.  During group classes there will be multiple children finding and loading vehicles, please take note of what or who may be  front of you or behind you before leaving.

lectronic Usage: Children in Piano classes receive the awesome oppportunity to incorporate music apps into their instruction time.  This is a privilege.  I expect that the device is used carefully and kindly and as it is intended.  

The iPads will only be loaded with Apps that are music related and will be used in the class.  Any child found "off task," changing settings, or manipulating the device in ANY other way than what is intended will be given a warning.  After 3 warnings your child may be suspended from the next weeks class & tuition for that week is still owed.  

I take this very serious as there is a lot of money put into the equipment that is used in these classes to be able to provide the best, fun and educational,  learning enviornment that I can. 


Recitals offer students a great sense of accomplishment and pride for their hard work. They also help them learn the importance of setting and achieving goals. Students at Chrystal's Music Studio will be given the opportunity to participate in two formal recitals each year.

Discontinuation of Lessons

Music is a lifelong pursuit, but lessons are not always possible for a multitude of reasons. Whatever the reason, I will never take discontinuation of lessons personally. Remember: if you are unsatisfied with your lessons for any reason or if you are contemplating quitting lessons, please speak freely to me about your concerns.

Discontinuation of lessons requires a 3 week notice – This gives us time to wrap up any current projects and discuss how the student can continue to follow their music goals. This also allows me the necessary time to fill that empty lesson slot so that I can avoid a loss in income. Thank you for your consideration.


Practice Expectations & Instrument Requirements

If there is a lack of progress, there is probably a lack of practice! A student’s progress is determined by dedicated practice, not by simply attending lessons.

Ideally, students should practice at least 4-5 days a week. Specific amounts of practice time are not assigned to each student. Instead, students should practice long enough to complete their weekly assignments.
The quality of practice time is more important than the quantity of practice time.

Parental Support is an extremely important factor in musical training. Students whose parents take an active role in their progress tend to be more enthusiastic and productive. Create a quiet space where the student can practice, and schedule a time for practice each day.

Instrument Requirements: All students (voice included) should have regular access to an acoustic piano or an 88 key modern digital piano with a weighted hammer action. The 61 key keyboards sold at most large retail stores are not satisfactory for the continued study of piano, though they will suffice for voice lessons if necessary. Acoustic piano should be kept in good working order and should be tuned at least once a year.

Holidays/Studio Breaks/Teacher

Please Note that the studio is generally on the same schedule as the school district.  If your child is out of school the studio is more than likely closed. Sometimes Monday students WILL have lessons on a day when there is no school.

The studio is ALWAYS closed on:
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving/Black Friday
Dec. 23rd – Jan 1st

Additional Studio Breaks or days off may occur during holiday breaks or between semesters, and are always announced well in advance. The calendar is subject to change.

If the Teacher Must Cancel Lessons (this happens very rarely), students will be offered group lessons to make up for the missed lesson(s), or tuition may be prorated.

Studio breaks/closings: Additional studio breaks are announced via text or on the studio calendar, which is accessible to students via the Students Only section of this site.

US 122.00