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Music Studio
​​948 W. 760 N. 
Tremonton, Utah

Private Vocal Instruction

Lesson Length

30 minutes once a week. 

Class Procedure

A fun intimate level of learning to use and develop the voice.

Emphasis on learning to sing in head voice, breathing techniques, pronunciation & diction, dynamics, stage presence & performing skills.

Vocal exercises and warm ups are worked on for the first 10 minutes of every lesson.  

Music is selected based on age & vocal range.  

The next 20 minutes is spent skillfully learning and preparing songs to be able to perform.

Why is this class so great?

I am not the "traditional" voice coach. I am more!  

I am not stuck on teaching only one type of music.

I am open to most  all genres of music.

I will help you prepare for school choir tryouts, church functions and any other tryout or activity you may choose to participate in.  I strongly encourage performing every chance you can get!

The possibilites of what we can sing are endless!!!

Who can take these classes?

Anyone, Ages 12-99


There will be twp recitals per school year.

A Winter Recital - December

A Spring Fling Recital - May

Summer classes for private voice instruction are not offered at this time.

Materials Needed
Students must have access to a piano or small keyboard for practice purposes.

Voice students should bring a 3-ring binder (to put sheet music in to keep it organized and well kept)

current music repertoire,
and a bottle of water to each lesson.

Recording devices, such as iDevices, smart phones, small audio recorders, or USB flash drives are strongly recommended.

Assigned Voice Repertoire -$5-$30

Recital Pieces - $5 Each

Any other music I see fit or you'd like to purchase - $3 - $6

Practice Expectations

Voice students are likewise expected to practice enough to reach their lesson goals each week. Practice should focus on both vocalises and repertoire; voice students must memorize their repertoire.


$50 per month =$12.50 per lesson


*** If It fits my schedule, I will do my best to help with
"special Events"

Ask Me if You Need....

* A piano accompanist
* Extra Help with a song on the piano or to sing for school, church or any other event.  

"I encourage all my students to participate in every performing opportunity that they can. It builds skill and confidence grows each time." 

any other questions - e-mail me @ butler16@frontiernet.net or call 435-279-0559